Italy, Venice and Ice cream.

Venice is the First stop from my third eurotrip, which isn’t actually eurotrip since I’m gonna to stay only in Italy. Well, this country is amazing and deserve more than one week around. Actually, two!

Venice, Verona, Florence, Pisa and Rome. Unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to visit my lovely Corneoles, but I’m gonna be back for then ASAP.

This city has the most amazing ice cream I had in life. You should try the venezziano and lemon. Maybe Nutella or whatever, I’m sure anyone should be good.

Firstly, sorry about the late, but spring break is here and we are back to road!

Some stuff that I found for now: if you come to Italy, eat! Try most of the pizzas, lasagnas and ice creams. Do not leave without eat! Don’t go to mc Donald’s or BK! Eat local food, it’s amazing (and not that expensive).

I have way more things to say but for now (typing from the iPhone since I have no free wifi in the hostel) the good is the first and specially subject. I’m coming back asap. And if you are around, let me know.