For the right to listen to One Direction

I was coming back from a Makeup shopping when I met a friend in the streets, I didn’t realize I was singing one direction before talk to him.

He stopped, his face was terrified and he said in a really disappointed that he didn’t expect that from me. Firstly, I was like “what?” And then I understood it was because of the teenage song I was singing, the kind of music he thinks it’s terrible and only dumb 12 years girls listen to it.
But well, I don’t know you, but I kind of like to listen to this kind of songs somethings. It’s not my favorite, it will never be. It’s not the song I play in the night while I’m trying to find myself. But it’s the once I sing coming back from a shopping day. Is it that bad?

Even so I have an amazing background about music in my family. I think since I was 15 I didn’t spend one single night without listen to some progressive rock songs. Actually, I already proved I knew more about it than this friend who was disappointed with me.

So I think music is like any other art expression. Somedays you want to watch a really funny movie and you don’t turn to Godfather, somedays you just watch American pie and you are good with it. This friend loves American Pie. But well, he never thought about how bad it’s the movie if you think about acting and production stuffs? Don’t know. You might like everything or nothing and even so watch everything you want.

With music, it’s the same. Music is expression, it’s human. The problem is not if you are listen to one direction, it’s if you only listen to it. Music should be free, should be freedom. You must listen to everything and try to know all about it. You will never do it though. But you can’t stay in the same kind your whole life. It’s sad.

It’s sad how some people keep listening to the style, complaining bout how music were better 50 years ago. But that’s not true. I believe music changes as humanity does. And all you have to do is look for it. You might find really good stuff, you’d rather stay listen to old famous and complaining about the new famous?

It’s just numbers by the end. You cannot, you must not stop in time. As all the art expressions music can also be with you. Should also be with you. and how could that be possible if you only stay by one station? Thinking that you are right and everything else wrong?

In the 50’s or 60’s, old people were complaint about rock n’roll. It was an evil thing from young and dumb people. Do you really want to look like somebody from the 60’s? Isn’t better to pfree your mind from it?

I’m not saying we all should listen to boybands. I’m just saying we all should listen to something new, good or not, at least once. It’s bad to read the same kind of book every year, you lose more than you gain.