Travelling with last money than you need


I decided to come to Italy for two weeks right on the Easter time, of course I knew nothing would e actually cheap since it was terrible to book hostels. Then I tried to go for couchsurfing but since I’m traveling with friends it’s hard to find a place for all of us.

So I needed the money for the hostels. And that’s I got, also it isn’t cheap to go from one city to another. The trains are between 7€ and 60€ and even the buses are not that cheaper.

Firstly I went to Venice (the flight was really cheap then to Verona and Bologna. Now I’m writing from Florence. Till now I got two rides for 5€ from the Blablacar and one train. And since I was really excited about Italian food in the beginning I ate more than I should pay for it. So it’s the third day I’m going to the supermarket looking for deals and eating less.

It’s kind of sad not eating as much as you should in Italy. But ok, it’s necessary. I’m in Florence and I could stay three days without eating just to see all the museums and lovely stuffs they got here.

When you travel you kind of start to summarizing your life to eat, sleep and walk. You take off some of the usual a necessities and make everything as simple as it can be. From that I learned I didn’t need to buy more cream and I didn’t need a dessert. Also I didn’t need to stay with a good hair all the time and to do nail polish.

I need to eat, especially lasagnas and gelatos. I need to walk, the streets are unbelievable. I need to drink water (because we all need). I need to laugh and stay in the line to see Dante’s museum. I also need some rides because the train ticket to Rome is fucking expensive.

I have the money for the hostels, 10€ for food for each day. Some for museums and way less than I’m gonna need for the transport. But that’s ok. Believe me, you can do a great job if you pay attention on your on needs.

Make a list of what you really think is necessary and start to cut off some of the things.

I also realized I need a internet and this is annoying me. You know, most of us now can’t even walk around without looking at the screen. I need to look at my phone from hour to hour.

It shouldn’t be this way. I couldn’t changer this from nothing. But for now I can at least stop checking what’s app.

I have to check something else. I have to check Rome and the food for tomorrow.

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