Collecting some goodbyes

Hell, after 9 months abroad some of the people who I met here are coming back home for summer or because their programs are done. Well, I’m staying in Europe for summertime, it’s not my time to say goodbye.

But we say it all the time. Some of these people I’ll never see again, probably just some photos on Facebook and in some months they wouldn’t even be on my feed anymore. Some one them might keep touch. I got some friends around the world who are always talking to me. But they aren’t even 10% of the people I met.

While the years are passing by you finally realize people are passing to. You might never heard they again, it doesn’t matter how much you laugh together or complain. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate. It will be all behind.

It’s not like leave home, when you leave home you kind of understand that the place will be there somehow. But when you leave a second home, that small apartment in somewhere that you shared with friends and has a lot on your life, you will never have it again.

It has its on time. And it goes away, it goes with every goodbye and hug. Saying goodbye knowing you will never see them again it’s strongly hard, even when you don’t care about it.

I know I’m never gonna have this again, not the same smiles and the same situation. It will all change again and soon. I also know it’s what I chose. And somehow I thinking missing can mean loving.

Now I just want to be sure every goodbye I say must show how much I wish happiness to the person who is hearing it.