About friendship, cooking and eating together

Recently I’ve seen a video on YouTube about smartphones. I mean, it was about people who didn’t look around because they were always looking at the display. Well, I saw it all around my Facebook and YouTube pages but I’m pretty sure most of them just shared and still looking at the display.

Well, here it’s one think, I can’t say I’m free from communications, as matter of fact I’m pretty addicted to Instagram and Facebook, I’m always checking it. But one year from now I’ve learned to get away from it.

It was a pretty easy thing, you know, with time we kind of lose the touch with most of our friends and sometimes we just make people be so useless that we don’t even make a move to get close to them once a week.

With loneliness around for being abroad I started a need hobbie. I’m not actually good at it, but I’m gettin better. I started to cook. And learned, actually, learn a need thing makes you get so excited about it that you just forget to check updates.

And with the learning I realize it was even better when I was calling my friends to check, or bring it to them. Eat alone is boring. Cook and eat together is one of the most amazing things you can do with the people you love or you just meet.

So this is a tip, maybe it might not even be a really good one, but if you are reading this I dare you to try it. Cook something for your family or whoever you are living with. Cook something for your friends, call them. (Yes, call – not text) call them and ask for help. It makes people get close in a strange level. And easy one.

Just try it once. Especially with you have a special recipe, you should share.

By the way, you can also share it with me. I would love to know what you are learning around in the kitchen. And we can even share our favorite ones.

So I never know if someone is reading this, but if you are… Try to do it and comment about it. Or give me one recipe and I would be happy to cook for my friends and tell you about it.

I’ve just got a new hobbie. And this is a plus in the ways I’ve been trying to scape from the boredom from this world and I recuse to be numb.