Making friends again

I can’t say I was unfriendly but for last five years (before leave my hometown) I was with the same friends, I didn’t actually talk to new people, only for daily stuff as college or work. I was use to the same people, the same old and good friends and I actually thought I didn’t have to make new ones or even talk and try to. 

But when I decided to go abroad and leave the routine behind and realized that not talking to new people – and when I say talk I mean really try to get to know them – was forcing me to go even deeper on my own routine. And well, the boredom from this routine was one of the reasons of my dissatisfaction. So when you go abroad you are forced to try to make new friends somehow – maybe for your own nature or maybe for the whole social thing – it is easier to get close to people at least for the beginning. 

So now I can say I have more people who I’m always talking to than before, even I’m living here only for six months, of course only a few of them are actually close friends but when I say “making friends” it isn’t only about those who you know everything about it, it’s also about those people who sometimes invites you for dinner or a drink. 

What I realized from now it’s that people are as effective as cities when you really want to change your reality. You don’t actually need a new place to change, you just need a new subject to talk sometimes and this kind of thing you can find easily. You just have to look in the corner, be kind with somebody, ask how as the day and smile. It is not that hard, communication it is not that hard, the huge problem is that we make ourselves unable to trust and listen to others and when you open your mind for this you can communicate and get to know people even in languages that you are not fluent in.





I wish now only to be on my own armchair

So the name of this blog is related to The hobbit, also some of the posts. All of this probably because I really like bilbo baggins as a character and since I’m as much reader as traveller I
thought it was a great idea putting both together.

So what’s with the armchair? Now after 10 days traveling I came back to my second home (which is really far from my actually hometown) and I really felt like I needed some break. But break from a break?

Kind of. I came back, I slept on my own bed, I cooked my dinner and by the end of the day I watched some of my favorite movies. Well, the feeling was with me. Something weird about my Baggins side getting stronger and making me stay at home.

After 7 months away I got tired, enough to call home and talk to my grandmom. Enough to re-watch supernatural. But then I opened the computer and I saw my photographs. And I realized I needed more.

I started to plan my third eurotrip while I was in my armchair. The feeling came back even when I was really tired from the last one.

My Baggins was fighting with my Took side again. But both were making me as happy as somebody could be.
I’m as happy here as I was traveling. It’s like I needed both to survive, like I was learning how to control and plan both while building my own story.
So please, let’s do it again.

Give me my books, good food for a while and with time I will probably be able to just escape again to another adventure.

Plans for the Eurotrip III

Where are the plans for the first parts? I began a semester ago and already made both trips. Definitely I’m gonna talk about this later, but now sitting in some kind of Jewish coffee shop in Budapest, I decided to talk about my third big euro trip. (It’s not that big actually)

The plan is nothing but Italy and Greece, places where I have always wanted to be but it takes a while to plan (and have money for it). Even so now It might be coming to true in the second half of April. And you can definitely follow me (and joy) in one of my adventures and probably one of the last ones (for now) in Europe.

So let’s go to Rome, Venice, Milano, Pisa l, Athens and more! And believe me, it’s not impossible to follow and go to the places of your dreams. Of course, you need some patient (and money) for this, but it’s not impossible.

That’s why I’m asking you to joy me in the plans, maybe it can helps you to do your own. Maybe we can even meet each other around this world.

We never thought about that.

Sitting in a pub with a friend in Budapest. He isn’t not from here, the guy came from our city one month ago. He is about to do the same thing I did last semester.

We are leaving (we were) everything behind to try something new. Seven months ago I couldn’t imagine it would be this way. Seven months ago he couldn’t imagine the same. He just told me he would never think about leaving the country before get the degree. And even so here we are drinking a good beer and talking about how different our lives are. And how different everything will be now.

We changed everything and there is no way to come back. We will not be the same, we are not the same now. It’s not the same subject. One year ago we wouldn’t look, think or be this way. One year ago and we wouldn’t imagine we would be here in the opposite side of the world.

This is not a interesting post, it’s more about how different I’m feeling right now and how happy I am to see I’m not the only one from home who is doing the same. Sometimes I’m really good doing everything by myself, but also it’s really amazing to share the experience.

All my love

I was never the kind of person who actually talks about love. Not with my mother, brother or any boyfriend or whatever. I was never actually kind or lovely, I was always complaining or looking for the bad sad. This wasn’t bad, as matter of fact I was really good at it and satisfied.

But I’m also a big fan of happiness. I’ve Always followed what I wanted for me and what it should be. When I realized traveling was my favorite thing I made all the plans for it. When I discovered my love and my wishes I also found the love that I have for everything else.

I love my family, despite all the ridiculous stuff that we have and that I have always wanted to run away from them. But I love them, I love every single moment with them. Everything that made me be who I am. I love them but I think I have never actually said it before. Especially to my grandmother, she is probably my favorite person in this world and I miss her smell. And her eyes. I think I will never be able to forget her eyes.

I love my books. An old passion. An old love. I never lied about this and most of the people close to me knows. I love learn, I might be lazy for studying but I love learn. I love have something different to tell.

I love my hometown, despite all the problems and all the people that I have always said that I hate. I still hating a lot of stuff there but I love the warmness and the blue sky. I love how simple everything can be when you just come back to the place you come from.

I love my old friends. All their names and faces come to my mind everyday. It breaks my heart knowing I’m gonna miss them way more. But I love all the moments that we had, all the laughs and how they used to make me feel so special, important.

I love creativity. I love when people made something good from a boring thing or when you can just have an amazing time with nothing but good jokes.

I love every place I have been to. I love the cold and the rain, the sun and the sky. I love snow (but I also hate it). I have everything inside me, in some kind of strange memory that builds and rebuilds myself everyday. I love the different persons that I am.

And finally I love the different persons that I met. Every one of them. But I hate the goodbyes, it breaks my heart every time. But I love the fact I have something of them with me as I have the cities and the days. As I have myself.

Somehow in the middle of all of this I learned how to love people, how to keep love and look for the peace inside myself. It’s not completely done, I can feel the old one coming sometimes, but it’s way better than before.

I love feeling the love instead of the indifference. Knowing that life can be good as long as you look for it. and I hope someday you can also be able to do it.


Lose yourself to find something else

How lost should I be? Well, don’t know. It was suppose to meet a friend of mine in Berlin. I took the subway (metro) I tried to find the place, but everything it’s really funny when you have no idea where are you going to and worse, when you don’t even know the language.

This “lost” sensation it’s probably one of the bests, the kind of thing that takes you away from the comfortable zone and makes you actually trust in yourself because you don’t have anything else to do.

I lost myself, I was lost in Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Scotland and I lost me again in Germany. It couldn’t be better. this strange and long feeling that you can always take care of yourself it’s probably the most human sensation. It’s about survive and knowledge, the kind of thing you only absolve if you are by yourself.

Believe me. There is nothing wrong with it. There is nothing wrong in being lost, nothing wrong in lose yourself. It’s nice to let it go once. Twice. Maybe one more time.

It’s nice to lose and to gain something back.

And if you do, you will not be the same.

Look at your pictures or maybe go on your facebook profile and try to read the things you had posted months ago. Do you think you are the same? Would you post the same thing nowadays? Would you say and do the same? I wouldn’t. It is almost incredible how much I had changed for the past years, probably way more for the past months.

Some things are the same, I still loving Pink Floyd more than any band, I still with JRRT quotes on my mind for everything I do (this blog is a prove of that), besides this and my addiction  to reading, everything else has changed. I could say it is for the best, but as matter as fact I had no idea what best means.

I’m not as lazy as I once was, I would never say one day I would be able to go out in the cold just for run or stay in front of the computer working for more than 3 hours. Now I’m always trying to learn something or be better in my favourite things, all of this might be a good thing. The kind of thing you put on blogs to say how good your life is. But I also lost the patience with sadness, I can’t stay close to someone who is always complaining and I’m always talking. And drinking more than I could imagine. The last things can be bad, but some bad things are necessary.

I could also type here everything else I see now, but everything could change tomorrow because now I’m allowing myself to change, instead of only be. Instead of only see. As one of my friends once said there is no bigger sin than a closed mind. I couldn’t agree more.